Collecting Vibrations

by Mr. Songbird

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released December 11, 2014

Recording, Mixing & Design ? Rico Desjardins
Mastering ? Olivier Bole
Cover Art ? Aurélie Darish

Music, Vocals, Lyrics (track #1,2,3,4,5,6,7) ? Rico Desjardins,
Drums (track #6) Tambourine (track #5) Violon (track #2) ? Thomas Goudreault,
Twelve-String Guitar, Bass, Drums (track #5) ? Christian Desjardins,
Electric Guitar (track #5) ? Mathieu Boudrias,
Electric Guitar (track #7) ? Karim M’sallem,
Electric Guitar (track #4) ? Éric Desjardins,
Drums (track #2) ? William Larochelle,
Drums (track #7) ? Maxime Lussier,
Djembe (track #4,3) ? Édouard Fabi,
Violon (track #1,4,7) ? Daniel Paré,
Bass (track #1,2,4,7) ? David Béru.



all rights reserved


Mr. Songbird Sherbrooke, Québec

"Songbird's songs offer an extraordinary combination of folk elements, groovy 70s psychedelic rhythms and unique, fresh sounding melodies with that special human touch to them. Every time I hear his tunes of life, I start a-hummin' and a-buzzin' and I just can't stop. Mr. Songbird is a songwriter in his own right, THIS is independent music in the true sense of the word." words of Simone Bigeard ... more

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Track Name: Voodoo Doll
Sweetness drives from me to you to me
and when the sunlight burst, all your colors swiftly reveals
You live to satisfy my senses, I live to satisfy your senses
Your heartbeat sends vibrations, it's the beginning of a great explosion
If I feel vibrations under my shoes, it's probably just an earthquake coming soon, but when I feel it over and under my skin, then I know that we are merging
You live to satisfy my senses, I live to satisfy your senses
Your heartbeat sends vibrations, it's the beginning of a great explosion
Oh come baby come to me please, I beg ya
Your vibrations are so good to feel, There's thousands of humming birds around me and in the shape of love, they're shaping you and me
You live to satisfy my senses, I live to satisfy your senses

Baby baby baby baby babe you got my voodoo doll
Track Name: Sugar Love
Well... Everybody falls for the summertime, everybody falls for a love that last one night, you just go out on the streets, you see one-night-lovers down at your feet, it's summertime, you don't care, it's warm outside, it's short-skirt-love, short-time-love, it's summertime, yeah (3)

I'm sitting here by the window, waiting for wintertime, waiting for a sign
oh.. something just flew out of my chest, it was a butterfly! Let's go outside and see if it dies

well it's always winter in the forest of my sugar love, there's no honeybees, no butterfly, but there's a lover somewhere got a love to share, that needs a love to wear oh yeah to keep from loneliness, to keep from freezin', to keep from free-e-eezin of loneliness

White, as winter, white, as sugar, white as a sick man's face, I miss my sugar love...

She's sweet and so fine, yeah, she's my sugar love

I follow the footsteps in the snow, I'm tryin' to catch up with your shadow oh, I'm tryin' to reach you, dyin' to get you.. Sugar
Have I been dreamin' all of the time? It's gettin' cold outside, I'm starting to freeze inside myself, long-time-love please reach out a hand or reach out for my hand

She's sweet and so fine, yeah, she's my sugar love
Track Name: Too Much Ain't Enough
Love, love, love, too much ain't enough..
But when you're sick on the floor and you're stickin' to the floor, that's the time when you know you shouldn't be looking for more, but you're looking for more
Too much ain't enough, too much love ain't enough

But thanks for comin' round, round and round and round and round,
too much ain't enough for me
You give a little bit of love, a little bit of love will never satisfy my hungry heart, but thank you for your love babe
Track Name: Escapism
Escaping from reality, from a mindless flock of sheep
being the electricity, being the light that makes the whole planet shine
life's a trip beyond numbers, it's a trip beyond words

Won't you listen to the sound of the souls in rebellion
listen to the sound.. of the screaming souls

Escaping from reality,
seeking for inspirations,
travelling through people's imagination

the soul can get through any doors, just like a spirit can fly through any walls, I know I've opened my mind to make one,
we're all gonna be fine, I'm gonna ride across the country and make the whole planet shine, I'm gonna ride as a light, gonna ride as a light
I'm gonna rise as a light, gonna rise as a light
Track Name: King Snail
Dear Mr. Alien-monkey,
my name's King Snail, you probably never heard of me
but you might come across one of my sticky trails, yeah
if you ever dare to take a lazy day out the city
Your speed's makin' me feel so dizzy and it's even ruining our lives,
are you trying to rush the end of your specie? You've lost your mind, you live too fast

Well if you want you can follow me baby, I'm King Snail and I love to play and if you want you can dance with me, I'm King Snail and yes I, slowly but surely dance
Come on leave your speedy world behind, it's makin' me lose my mind
Come on leave your suicidal world behind, it's makin' you lose your mind
Track Name: Feel Me
I don't care how trendy you look,
I don't care about the color of your hair,
I don't care about the makeup on your face,
I don't care about the clothes that you wear,

I just want you to understand, I wanna try and feel you like a blind man, like a blind man would do

Baby close your eyes, there is nothing to hide, you got nothing to hide,
You can close the light, there's nothing to hide, you got nothing to hide
Just feel me like I feel you

Oooh Are you feelin' me, like I'm feeling you?
or are you feelin' me
bobobobop, ALRIGHT?

Do, you, feel, me, too?