Part Animal Part Insane

by Mr. Songbird

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released November 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Mr. Songbird Sherbrooke, Québec

"Songbird's songs offer an extraordinary combination of folk elements, groovy 70s psychedelic rhythms and unique, fresh sounding melodies with that special human touch to them. Every time I hear his tunes of life, I start a-hummin' and a-buzzin' and I just can't stop. Mr. Songbird is a songwriter in his own right, THIS is independent music in the true sense of the word." words of Simone Bigeard ... more

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Track Name: Reassure Me
we are baby gods on a star
waiting to be loved to get naked and penetrate worlds beyond
venus is blowing in a pungi and the moon is glowing
don't drop your big wall between us, no
and the unknown is my favorite place to go now
don't drop your big wall between us, no
moving into mystery, I wonder why we fight
when we could enjoy the flight through the corners of eternity
words sometimes fail to explain
how can non-sense make sense
she said she did not love me but she loves to be love by me
getting charmed by a starving snake dressed up as a woman in love
creepin' on my naked body

reassure me i'm not the only one going mad
Track Name: He's Got You
...I've got your letters that proved you care,
to me they mean the same as when you gave them dear
the only difference, the only thing new
i've got these little things , and he's got you...
Track Name: Animalism
Haven't learned much with words,
words cannot teach us how to observe,
don't trust anyone saying that they know.
Men see the world with ideas more than with the eyes

most people try to hide the animal inside
it's more acceptable to hide away your soul

walking through the labyrinth
every city is a labyrinth
there's a word for everything and a sign for every word on your mind
there's no way out once you go in
it ain't a prison but it's a zoo,
well i see no difference cause baby i'm an animal too

most people try to hide the animal inside
it's more acceptable to hide away your soul